Meet our companies
Whether enriching the AI developer toolkit, solving industry-wide challenges with machine learning, or finding innovative solutions to specific problems, our companies are shaping the future using artificial intelligence.
Algorithmia’s AI Layer manages the machine learning lifecycle and automates the deployment of machine learning models at scale.
AllyO is intelligently automating the end-to-end recruiting workflow for both applicants and hiring teams through its AI recruiter called Ally.
Anvil automates tedious paperwork through customizable online workflows that gather information, prepare documents, request signatures, and integrate directly with your business software.
Back is a modern employee service platform that enables internal service teams to manage and automate employee requests and internal workflows on one intuitive platform.
BenchSci accelerates biomedical discoveries by using AI to decode published research.
Benepass is the company card and mobile app that gives your employees all the information they need about their benefits in one place.
Boon AI is a machine learning integration platform that enables ML-powered automations for visual media management through simplified, API-based integrations.
Botkeeper provides automated bookkeeping support to businesses by using a powerful combination of skilled accountants alongside machine learning and AI.
Chili Piper is reinventing scheduling, calendar and inbox, the main apps used by revenue teams, to bring new levels of productivity and job satisfaction.
Collective is a back-office platform designed for self-employed people helping them handle company formation, taxes, accounting, compliance and more.
Contractbook is a contract management platform where you can create, sign and store all your contracts in one digital flow.
Dyndrite provides the core compute and development engine powering the next generation of Additive Manufacturing (AM) hardware and software solutions.
Elsa is a mobile app that uses AI and speech recognition technology to help language learners improve their English pronunciation.
Flatfile turns messy customer spreadsheets into useful product data.
Flyreel’s AI assisted underwriting creates a baseline for a better insurance experience across the lifecycle.
Fondeadora is a digital alternative to the traditional Mexican banking system. Their simple mobile banking app let’s people send, spend & store their money seamlessly, at zero cost.
Fylamynt is a cloud workflow automation tool that builds, runs and analyzes cloud workflows securely with little to no code.
GitDuck is a video call tool built for developers that enables you to talk, share your code in real-time and do pair programming.
Headroom is a video-conferencing solution that uses AI to form better relationships, think creatively, and solve problems.
Hugo is connected meeting notes software — centralized, searchable meeting notes that integrate with 20+ of your favorite tools.
Index lets you visually build your own beautiful dashboards with the tools you already use.
Iteratively helps data and product teams define, instrument, and collaborate on analytics tracking to ensure data quality issues are caught before making their way into production.
Kaizo improves team’s operational efficiency, performance, and engagement with a gamified AI platform that turns support-performance metrics into actionable, gamified insights.
Klara enables medical organizations to provide patient care through intuitive communication, streamlined workflows, and easy-to-access virtual visits.
LabelBox is a software platform that makes it easy to create and manage labeled data, enabling rapid deployment of artificial intelligence applications.
MainStreet helps startups effortlessly discover, apply for, and receive government credits and incentives.
Memberstack is a no-code membership platform that lets you add paid user accounts & paywalls to the sites you already built.
Mine empowers people to own their personal data, reduce unnecessary online exposure, and minimize potential risks.
Mojo Vision is rethinking how people receive and share information in a way that is immediate and relevant, without diverting their attention.
Moov empowers embed banking and payment functionality for your own applications without having to worry about protocols, site reliability, security, or compliance.
Mural is a digital workspace for visual collaboration that allows you to share notes, be creative and stay productive in real time regardless of where your team is based.
Myst helps energy companies better predict the future, resulting in lower costs, reduced risk and less waste through artificial intelligence.
nuffsaid is a Workflow Intelligence platform that uses AI to help you focus on the work that matters.
Numa is the AI-powered conversational commerce platform for Main Street.
OnScale accelerates research and development, reduces costs and helps engineers build a better future.
Openly is a premium, tech-forward insurance platform and provider that’s designed specifically to be sold through independent brokers.
Oura is a smart ring that tracks key signals from your body while you sleep, delivering critical insights helping you harness your body’s potential every day.
Pine Park Health works with medicare advantage plans, senior living communities, and providers to improve health outcomes for seniors.
Plannuh optimizes the performance of your marketing spend and strategy through AI-driven budgeting and planning software.
PopSQL is a collaborative SQL editor that helps teams write and collaborate on queries, visualize data, and easily share their results.
PullRequest is building a code quality platform, combining artificial intelligence with a marketplace of human experts.
Rad AI is a platform built by radiologists, for radiologists, that optimizes workflows to help save time and energy.
RevOps is a sales productivity platform that help businesses easily configure, price, quote, and sign deals in seconds through automation and collaborative pricing tools
Sapling gives People Operations and HR teams powerful tools to drive repeatable and consistent processes for teams in any location.
Scotty Labs is reinventing the driving experience.
Secureframe helps companies manage end-to-end security compliance at every stage of their growth.
Stairwell provides security teams with user-centric tools to understand external and internal data sources to combat cyber attacks.
Streamlit lets machine learning engineers quickly create apps for data exploration, model debugging, and results presentation. is pioneering AI-powered user scenario testing for mobile and web apps.
TypingDNA analyses typing behavior to provide user-friendly, non-intrusive biometrics, increased security, and frictionless authentication based on how you type.
Ubiquity6 is using recent advancements in computer vision to build ubiquitous shared AR experiences.
Unioncrate is an artificial intelligence supply chain platform that frees CPG brands from inaccurate predictions, manual processes, and wasted capital.
Unit21 protects businesses across industries against financial adversaries, by detecting and managing money laundering, fraud, and other risks.
unitQ analyzes popular customer channels to uncover potential issues with your product, in real time.
Wise Systems is the first autonomous dispatch and routing software for high-performance delivery fleets.
Yaguara is a platform designed to aggregate and simply present data for all levels across your organization helping teams get the insights they need to work better, together.
Young Alfred helps you buy home, auto, renters and specialty property policies online that are personalized and safe.
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