Jaap Ruoff - Gradient Ventures



Marketing Partner

Jaap is a Marketing Partner at Gradient Ventures.

In this role, Jaap leads all marketing affairs, supporting portfolio companies on their go-to-market challenges, and looking after the Gradient brand. Prior to joining Gradient, Jaap co-founded Google's growth team, where he led a global team of over 250 to centralize campaign production and scale experimentation.

Before joining Google's headquarters, Jaap focused on regional marketing for the company. He was responsible for the retail launch of Android One in India, as well as setting up business intelligence for marketing teams across Europe. This makes him one of few marketers at Google with in-market experience across the Americas, APAC, and EMEA. Jaap was a Davis Scholar at Brown University where he studied Economics and Psychology. He completed business and marketing programs at the London School of Economics and Wharton Business School.

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