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VP, Engineering & VR, YouTube

Jeremy Doig has been at Google since 2004, where he is currently a Vice President of Infrastructure Engineering at YouTube. Prior to YouTube, Jeremy founded Google's Video Infrastructure Team, the Chrome Media and Virtual Reality engineering teams. His efforts span public technology standards including AOM, WebRTC, VP8/9, EME, DASH and HTML5 media tags - broadly, coding and distribution technologies for online interactive entertainment.

Prior to joining Google, Jeremy's professional career spanned several startups and public companies such as Microsoft (Hotmail, the Microsoft Network, Search and Messenger), the BBC and The Multimedia Corporation specializing in interactive media content, Online Magic (online distribution), and financial trading systems/portfolio theory.

Jeremy has qualifications in Computer Science from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, The Institut National Des Sciences Appliquées de Rennes (France) and Masters research at The University of Kent at Canterbury in structured information systems.

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