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VP, US Sales, Google

John McAteer oversees all aspects of the company's relationships with Retail, Tech, and Telco partners and clients. In addition, McAteer works directly with Google's product organization to ensure that our Retail and Tech client's interests/needs are being met.

In his ten years plus at Google, McAteer has had the opportunity to meet with many of Google's top partners (online pure-plays, multi-channel retailers, catalogue companies, auction sites, and Technology companies) to discuss their challenges and goals as well as share ideas on how to be more successful in today's media landscape. His vantage point has given him a unique perspective and understanding of what companies are doing well -- or not doing - in order to take advantage of the web as a marketing vehicle.

Prior to joining Google, McAteer was VP, Sales and Merchandising, for PriceGrabber Inc. where he was responsible for all sales and merchandising to retailers and manufacturers. Earlier in his career, McAteer was a VP, Sales and Business Development, at PC World Online and a VP, Sales, at Ziff-Davis Publishing.

McAteer is an emeritus Board Member of and graduate of Cal State Sacramento, with degrees in Finance and Economics. He currently resides in San Carlos, California, with his wife and their daughters, Emily and Abigail.

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