Kyle Nesbit - Gradient Ventures



Chief Resident

Kyle is Gradient's Chief Resident, overseeing the fund's residency program. He is an experienced leader with a long history at Google. Before he became Gradient's Chief Resident, Kyle was a resident and worked in multiple Gradient portfolio companies.

Earlier in his career at Google, Kyle worked on Ads Measurement research. He focused on using AI to improve advertiser's ability to measure the efficacy of their ads. Before Ads, Kyle worked in Technical Infrastructure on high-performance distributed storage. Kyle and his team built and deployed Google's fastest distributed storage system, which now backs most of Google Cloud's data processing systems such as BigQuery and Dataflow.

Kyle grew up in Milwaukee, WI and received his PhD and bachelors degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He now lives in Boulder, CO with his wife and four children, is an avid skier and loves being outdoors.

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